Shaojian Zhu

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As is well known, computer security has been given more attention; many mechanisms have been developed to increase P2P security like encryption, sandboxing, reputation, and firewall. Among those technologies, reputation mechanism as an active method is especially useful to automatically record, analyze and adjust peers' reputation, trust, histories among(More)
Existing knowledge on how people use speech-based technologies in realistic settings is limited. We are conducting a longitudinal field study, spanning six months, to investigate how users with no physical impairments and users with upper body physical impairments use speech technologies when interacting with computers in their home environment. Digital(More)
Auditory user interfaces have great Web-access potential for billions of people with visual impairments, with limited literacy, who are driving, or who are otherwise unable to use a visual interface. However a sequential speech-based representation can only convey a limited amount of information. In addition, typical auditory user interfaces lose the visual(More)
Quality control for crowdsourcing systems has been identified as a significant challenge [2]. We propose a data-driven model for quality control in the context of crowdsourcing systems with the goal of assessing the quality of each individual contribution for parallel distributed tasks (allowing multiple people working on a same task). The model is(More)
Speech-based navigation and error correction can serve as a useful alternative for individuals with disabilities that hinder the use of a keyboard and mouse, but existing solutions available in commercial software are still error-prone and time-consuming. This paper discusses two studies conducted with the goal of improving speech-based navigation and error(More)
While the usability of voice-based Web navigation has been steadily improving, it is still not as easy for users with visual impairments as it is for sighted users. One reason is that sequential voice representation can only convey a limited amount of information at a time. Another challenge comes from the fact that current voice browsers omit various(More)
Hands-free speech-based technology can be a useful alternative for individuals that find traditional input devices, such as keyboard and mouse, difficult to use. Various speech-based navigation techniques have been examined, and several are available in commercial software applications. Among these alternatives, grid-based navigation has demonstrated both(More)