Shaojian Song

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Clarifying process of sugar cane juice is a dynamic nonlinear system which has the characteristics of strong non-linearity, multi-constraint, large time-delay, multi-input and other characteristics of complex nonlinear systems. In this paper, Elman neural network is applied to the model of the clarifying process of sugar cane juice. An improved method of(More)
Adaptive critic designs is a method used to approximate optimal control over time in nonlinear systems, which is suitable for dealing with time-varying complex systems and dynamic varying complex tasks. On the other hand, the boiler combustion system is a typical plant with multiple inputs/multiple outputs, non-linearity and time-delay, and the coupling(More)
MATLAB provides us plenty toolboxes to develop kinds of advantage control algorithms, and PCAuto known as a famous SCADA configuration software is widely used in industry due to its powerful data acquisition function, strong real-time database system and excellent graphic human-machine interface. In this paper ?? the communication between MATLAB and PCAuto(More)
This paper presents a novel nonlinear optimal neurocontroller for a static compensator (STATCOM) connected to a power system. The design for the optimal controller is based on a class of Adaptive Critic Designs (ACDs) called the Action Dependant Heuristic Dynamic Programming (ADHDP). The ADHDP class of ACDs uses two neural networks, an(More)
In view of the prediction accuracy of Extreme Learning Machine's (ELM) is affected by its input weights and hidden layer neurons thresholds, an improved training method for ELM with Genetic Algorithms (GA-ELM) is proposed in this paper. In GA-ELM, after selection, crossover and mutation of Genetic Algorithm (GA), we will get the optimal weights and(More)