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Enabled to provide pervasive access to distributed resources in parallel ways, heterogeneous scheduling is extensively applied in large-scaled computing system for high performance. Conventional real-time scheduling algorithms, however, either disregard applications’ security needs and thus expose the applications to security threats or run applications at(More)
The demand for cheap broadband Internet for nomadic users has created a market for Internet sharing. Wi- Fi communities which allow their users to share their wired Internet connections have emerged and become increasingly popular. Organizations like FON promise to provide free wireless Internet access in many places. However, user authentication is the(More)
This paper reviews the first challenge on single image super-resolution (restoration of rich details in an low resolution image) with focus on proposed solutions and results. A new DIVerse 2K resolution image dataset (DIV2K) was employed. The challenge had 6 competitions divided into 2 tracks with 3 magnification factors each. Track 1 employed the standard(More)
Extremely stretchable self-healing strain sensors based on conductive hydrogels are successfully fabricated. The strain sensor can achieve autonomic self-heal electrically and mechanically under ambient conditions, and can sustain extreme elastic strain (1000%) with high gauge factor of 1.51. Furthermore, the strain sensors have good response, signal(More)
We present an investigation on a power pack combining a CH3NH3PbI3-based solar cell with a polypyrrole-based supercapacitor and evaluate its performance as an energy pack. The package achieved an energy storage efficiency of 10%, which is much higher than that of other systems combining a PV cell with a supercapacitor. We find a high output voltage of 1.45(More)
This paper proposes a mathematical measurement model of a highly reflected, specular surface with structured light method. In the measurement, an auxiliary fringe pattern named amplitude perturbation is adopted to be projected onto the measured surface. The amplitude perturbation can ease the procedure of searching the corresponding points between the phase(More)
To enlarge the measuring range of inductive displacement sensor, the proposed displacement measurement instrument consists of four elements: the first is a movable coil with short length supplied with DC voltage. The second is a fixed iron rod acting as a core, its shape is designed carefully and the cross-section is varying along the axis. The third is an(More)
In the present work, we report on an experimental study of flexible nanocomposite film for electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) based on bacterial cellulose (BC) and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in combination with microperoxidase-11 (MP-11). MWCNTs are used to functionalize BC and provide a flexible conductive film. On the other(More)
Sensitizers are responsible for the light harvesting and the charge injection in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). A fast dye-regeneration process is necessary to obtain highly efficient DSSC devices. Herein, dye-regeneration rates of two DSSC device types, that is, the reduction of immediately formed photo-oxidized sensitizers (ruthenium complex C106TBA(More)