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BACKGROUND Mitochondrial genomes provide a rich source of molecular variation of proven and widespread utility in molecular ecology, population genetics and evolutionary biology. The tapeworm genus Taenia includes a diversity of tapeworm parasites of significant human and veterinary importance. Here we add complete sequences of the mt genomes of T.(More)
This study was initiated to investigate the prognostic significance of circulating tumor cell (CTC) enumeration and the predictive value of CTC HER2 expression for efficient anti-HER2 therapy in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients. Sixty HER2-positive MBC patients were enrolled in the present study. Before the initiation of systemic(More)
Though 20 years have passed since the birth of CSCW, the original goal of it is not reached as well as people expected. This situation is mostly due to the supporting technology especially the infrastructure. Today, great changes have taken place in technology, including Grid computing and Web services. These technologies, we think, will significantly(More)
This work suggested that in Physalis PFGLO1–PFDEF primarily determined corolla and androecium identity, and acquired a novel role in gynoecia functionality, while PFGLO2–PFTM6 functioned in pollen maturation only. The B-class MADS-box genes play a crucial role in determining the organ identity of the corolla and androecium. Two GLOBOSA-like (GLO-like)(More)
Automatic workflow generation is becoming an active research area for dealing with the dynamics of grid infrastructure, because it has a pervasive impact on system usability, flexibility and robustness. Artificial intelligence technology and explicit knowledge have been exploited in some research for workflow construction or composition. With the increasing(More)