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Cell culturing, whether for tissue engineering or cell biology studies, always involves placing cells in a non-natural environment and no material currently exist that can mimic the entire complexity of natural tissues and variety of cell-matrix interactions that is found in vivo. Here, we review the vast range of hydrogels, composed of natural or synthetic(More)
OBJECTIVE Amongst the current detections of tumor markers, measurement of serum tumor markers is the most convenient and the safest way. However, there are few promising serum tumor markers with confirmed prognostic value in NSCLC (non-small-cell lung cancer, NSCLC). Therefore, scientists only grafted the useful tumor markers, such as CA125, CA19.9, NSE,(More)
WebTP is a benchmark that measures the performance of a web information subsystem – the Order Management system. Its business logic represents a web Order Management system that facilitates the purchase of goods and services on the Internet. Order Management is an important and integral application of electronic commerce and hence WebTP has applicability to(More)
Recently, the atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of acrylic monomers in many reaction systems has been successfully accomplished. However, its application in aqueous solution is still a challenging task. In this work, polyacrylic acid (PAA) brushes with tunable length were directly grafted from P(St-AA)/Fe3O4 composite microspheres in aqueous(More)
To meet the need of key agreement and pairwise-key creation between sensors in wireless sensor network composed of IRIS nodes, this paper presents the implementation of ECDH (elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman) key agreement scheme on IRIS nodes. We choose 6 kinds of optimization algorithms for ECDH to test and compare these optimization algorithms. By turning(More)
Microgel particles are formed from aqueous-two-phase-system (ATPS) droplets in poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microfluidic devices. The droplets consist of a dextran core and a photopolymerizable poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEGDA) shell. Upon UV exposure, the ATPS droplets undergo a shape-transformation yielding PEGDA microgel particles containing a(More)
The back-propagation algorithm has been used widely as a learning algorithm in a feed-forward multilayer neural network. In this study, fault detection was carried out using the information of the arc current. After collecting the actual data, wavelet transformation were adopted in order to obtain the sideband or detail value characteristics under healthy(More)
Ligand-free negatively charged magnetic nanoclusters are first presented for effective structure-selective protein adsorption by F. Lan, Z. Gu and co-workers on page 2344. The nanoclusters could selectively capture bovine hemoglobin as well as structurally similar proteins (e.g., lysozyme, chymotrypsin) from model proteins and even biological samples due to(More)
A modified ZnO quantum dot/polythiophene (ZnO/PTh) inorganic-organic hybrid architecture was fabricated by using ordered mesoporous silica (SBA-15) as the retaining template. First, a two-step strategy was developed to synthesize an ordered organic conducting polymer composite (PTh/SBA-15). Then, ZnO quantum dots were in situ formed on the pore walls of the(More)
Aiming at the shortcomings and the insufficiency of the present CPS remote monitoring system which using a single bus, this paper puts forward a kind of CPS remote monitoring system which combination electric carrier technology and GPRS communication technology, and introduces the general structure and concrete system implementation.