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A network covert channel violates security rules and leaks information imperceptibly. Many researchers have been studying how to construct it, and the basic methods involve exploiting packets head, packets sorting and packets timing, etc. To construct a more secret covert channel, this paper proposes a novel approach based on packet classification. With(More)
In network environment, time-varying traffic patterns make the detection model not characterize the current traffic accurately. At the same time, the deficiency of training samples also degrades the detection accuracy. This paper proposes an anomaly detection algorithm for evolving data stream based on semi-supervised learning. The algorithm uses data(More)
This paper presents a searching control approach for cooperating mobile sensor networks. We use a density function to represent the frequency of distress signals issued by victims. The mobile nodes' moving in mission space is similar to the behaviors of fish-swarm in water. So, we take the mobile node as artificial fish node and define its operations by a(More)
Fast recovery is the key to ensure the reliability of the networks. However, the tangle of the controller and switches in the SDN/OF networks can be a damper to the fast recovery when failure happens under some circumstances. This paper proposed a proactive mechanism: ANFP, aiming at the node failure protection and fast recovery. When the failure happens,(More)