Shaohua He

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Leptin is a potent adipokine that plays an important role in the progression of breast cancer and interferes with the action of tamoxifen. We investigated the molecular mechanism underlying the effect of leptin on tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells that express leptin receptor (ObRb), and evaluated the impact of ObRb suppression on tamoxifen(More)
BACKGROUND Gastrectomy with D2 lymphadenectomy is a standard procedure of curative resection for gastric cancer (GC). The aim of this study was to develop a simple and reliable prognostic scoring system for GC treated with D2 gastrectomy combined with adjuvant chemotherapy. METHODS A prognostic scoring system was established based on clinical and(More)
Enormously growing genomic datasets present a new challenge on missing data imputation, a notoriously resource-demanding task. Haplotype imputation requires ethnicity-matched references. However, to date, haplotype references are not available for the majority of populations in the world. We explored to use existing unphased genotype datasets as references;(More)
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