Shaohua Fan

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Purple sweet potato color (PSPC), a naturally occurring anthocyanin, has a powerful antioxidant activity in vitro and in vivo. This study explores whether PSPC has the neuroprotective effect on the aging mouse brain induced by D-galactose (D-gal). The mice administrated with PSPC (100 mg/, 4 weeks, from 9th week) via oral gavage showed significantly(More)
Chemoresistance in breast cancer has been of great interest in past studies. However, the development of rational therapeutic strategies targeting chemoresistant cells is still a challenge in clinical oncology. By integrating data from global differences of gene expression and phospho-receptor tyrosine kinases between sensitive parental cells (MCF-7) and(More)
The association between epilepsy and headache remains controversial. Among the three forms of epilepsy-related headaches (preictal, ictal, and postictal), ictal headache is the rarest and the least understood. Ictal headache, termed hemicrania epileptica in the International Classification of Headache Disorders , Second Edition (ICHD-II, 2004), was defined(More)
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