Shaohong Wen

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The direct feedback control of glucose using an on-line ethanol concentration monitor for ergosterol production by high-cell-density fermentation was investigated and the fermentation parameters (e.g., pH, dissolved oxygen, ethanol concentration, oxygen uptake rate, carbon dioxide evolution rate and respiratory quotient) were analyzed. Controlling glucose(More)
The diversity and content of available nitrogen sources in the growth medium both are very important in the accumulation of ergosterol in the yeast cell membrane. Growth on the good nitrogen sources such as ammonia can harvest more yeast cells than on poor ones, but ergosterol content in those yeast cells is relatively lower. Ergosterol content, one of the(More)
A polysaccharide fraction (EPF2) was obtained from the crude polysaccharides of Enteromorpha prolifera by a series isolation procedure. Monosaccharide components analysis indicated that EPF2 was composed of rhamnose, xylose, mannose, galactose and glucose in a molar ratio of 3.64:1.08:0.21:0.75:0.27. Hypolipidemic and antioxidant properties of EPF2 were(More)
B-phycoerythrin (B-PE) was separated and purified from microalga Porphyridium cruentum using one-step chromatographic method. Phycobiliproteins in P. cruentum was extracted by osmotic shock and initially purified by ultrafiltration. Further purification was carried out with a SOURCE 15Q exchange column and analytical grade B-PE was obtained with a purity(More)
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