Shaofeng Xie

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Unbalance and reactive power currents of electric railway will result in poor power quality of three-phase industrial power grid. A co-phase traction power supply system is introduced in this paper to solve these problems by adopting singlephase ac-dc-ac converter. The converter is connected between two secondary windings of traction transformer with(More)
Liangke Huang 1,2, Shaofeng Xie 1,2,*, Lilong Liu 1,2,3,*, Junyu Li 1,2, Jun Chen 1,2 and Chuanli Kang 1,2 1 College of Geomatics and Geoinformation, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin 541004, China; (L.H.); (J.L.); (J.C.); (C.K.) 2 Guangxi Key Laboratory of Spatial Information and(More)
Given the chaotic characteristics of the time series of landslides, a new method based on modified ensemble empirical mode decomposition (MEEMD), approximate entropy and the weighted least square support vector machine (WLS-SVM) was proposed. The method mainly started from the chaotic sequence of time-frequency analysis and improved the model performance as(More)
In order to solve the power quality problem and eliminate the neutral sections at exit of the traction substation, a new traction power supply system is proposed for the high speed and heavy haul railway, which adopts active power flow controller (PFC) and Vx connection transformer. The mathematical model of electrical transformation between three-phase(More)
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