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The recent advance of data mining technology to analyze vast amount of data has played an important role in marketing business, despite its benefits in such areas, data mining also opens new threats to privacy and information security if not done or used properly. The main problem is that from non-sensitive data, one is able to infer sensitive information,(More)
Intrusion detection is an effective security mechanism developed in the recent decade. Because of its wide applicability, intrusion detection becomes the key part of the security mechanism. The modern technologies and models in intrusion detection field are categorized and studied. The characters of current practical IDS are introduced. The theories and(More)
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  • 2009
With the growing number of Web Services, the importance of matchmaking and discovery of Web Service is increasing. After discussion of the strong and weak match method, the measurement of semeantic analogy for the match is complemented and a more intelligent match method is given using decomposition model.
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By applying the approaches of Data Mining into the Electronic Commerce, the owner of the Electronic Commerce can find out the really useful knowledge from the mass of data to make a right decision. Association rules mining has be used in order to find out the user access pattern in Electronic Commerce. Since it can not really fit in the Web log mining, the(More)
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Web service composition is used as subprocess in the workflow system. If the workflow can provide high reliability and constituency through transaction process technology, the composition of Web service and workflow will be the main solution to solve problem of e-business. Traditional transaction model lacks support for long-running transaction in(More)
Some modeling methods of virtual enterprise have been proposed such as workflow coordination modeling, supply chain modeling and agent-based modeling. But they all have some insufficient in some aspects to be improved. For example, they are difficult to be realized in process dynamic optimization. This paper proposes a service-based model for Virtual(More)
Assessing the spatio-temporal variations of surface water quality is important for water environment management. In this study, surface water samples are collected from 2008 to 2015 at 17 stations in the Ying River basin in China. The two pollutants i.e. chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) are analyzed to characterize the river water(More)
The matched spectrum and correlation characteristics are both important to realize the multichannel ultrasonic sensors working together. The spectrum matching can make full use of the bandwidth of the ultrasonic ranging system, and the good correlation characteristic can eliminate crosstalk among multichannel ultrasonic sensors triggering simultaneously.(More)
With the problem that the cost is too much for temporary sorting or creating index aimed for there is no index or the index is out-of-order of input data sets in most XML structural join methods, the classical Stack-Tree-Desc algorithm and B+ tree index optimization algorithm are analyzed. A new strategy that isn’t limited to any external index is(More)