Shaofei Wu

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It is a challenge to prepare organic electrodes for sodium-ion batteries with long cycle life and high capacity. The highly reactive radical intermediates generated during the sodiation/desodiation process could be a critical issue because of undesired side reactions. Here we present durable electrodes with a stabilized α-C radical intermediate. Through the(More)
Assessing the spatio-temporal variations of surface water quality is important for water environment management. In this study, surface water samples are collected from 2008 to 2015 at 17 stations in the Ying River basin in China. The two pollutants i.e. chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) are analyzed to characterize the river water(More)
The matched spectrum and correlation characteristics are both important to realize the multichannel ultrasonic sensors working together. The spectrum matching can make full use of the bandwidth of the ultrasonic ranging system, and the good correlation characteristic can eliminate crosstalk among multichannel ultrasonic sensors triggering simultaneously.(More)