Shaofei Chen

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Land cover classification for the evaluation of land ranges of sensors. Classification of image pixels by features cover changes over certain areas or time periods is crucial for from different spectral band data has been explored recently geospatial modeling, environmental crisis evaluation and urban [5], [9], [14]. Yet these classifications use data of(More)
We investigate a decentralized patrolling problem for dynamic environments where information is distributed alongside threats. In this problem, agents obtain information at a location, but may suffer attacks from the threat at that location. In a decentralized fashion, each agent patrols in a designated area of the environment and interacts with a limited(More)
This paper studies a search problem involving a robot that is searching for a certain item in an uncertain environment (e.g., searching minerals on Moon) that allows only limited interaction with humans. The uncertainty of the environment comes from the rewards of undiscovered items and the availability of costly human help. The goal of the robot is to(More)
We investigate a multi-agent patrolling problem where information is distributed alongside threats in environments with uncertainties. Specifically, the information and threat at each location are independently modelled as multi-state Markov chains, whose states are not observed until the location is visited by an agent. While agents will obtain information(More)
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