Shaochuan Fu

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This paper illustrates the feasibility and superiority of the efficiency measurement of logistics enterprises by DEA model. Under the case of CRS and VRS input oriented DEA models, we conduct an analysis on the efficiency measurement of 16 logistics public companies basing on the cross-sectional data of 2008 solved by the multi-stage DEA method. By use of(More)
The article based on the fuzzy matter-element method to build index system, which including rural economic environment, logistics capability and logistics potential, the three elements and its subordinate 16 indicators, then make a comprehensive evaluation of logistics capability of rural areas in Hebei province according to the time dimension. And with the(More)
This paper proposes a model that is grey jump model based on the central-approximant grey model and liner regression model. Because some products are characteristic of short life-cycle and large demand-fluctuation, it carries the forecast on jumping points with Central-approximant Grey Model and other non-jumping points with liner regression model. Finally,(More)
In recent years, much more natural disasters, public health events and a variety of disasters, accidents have occurred. This paper proposes an index system for the evaluation of the performance of emergency logistics. Performance evaluation of a group of entities is frequently based on the values of several attributes and usually requires the weights of the(More)
Rural logistics is an important part in the development of modern logistics. The development of the rural logistics is conducive to the formation of new social division of labor, and contributes to opening up new employment. It can also help to solve the surplus labor force in rural and play an important role in increasing farmers' income. This paper(More)
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