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ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Flavokawain A, the major chalcone in kava extracts, was served as beverages for informal social occasions and traditional ceremonials in most South Pacific islands. It exhibited strong antiproliferative and apoptotic effects against human prostate and urinary bladder cancer cells. AIM OF THE STUDY The current study was(More)
A new acoustic temperature field reconstruction algorithm is proposed. First expand the sound slowness function over a finite set of inverse multiquadrics series, and then obtain a stable solution by using truncated singular value decomposition of matrix. Reconstructions of five temperature field models by using exact and corrupted time-of-flight data(More)
In this paper, the static characteristics of pulse measure system is tested. The static characteristic testing of pulse measure system mainly depends on senor, signal processing and virtual instrument technologies. Pulse signal analysis is based on Fourier series. From signal process point, pulse signal is decomposed into DC and harmonic components. The DC(More)
The key for acoustic temperature field measurement is to measure acoustic travel-time accurately. Restricted by sample interval, the acoustic travel-time estimation accuracy by fast correlating of the transmitted and the received signals is not high enough. A new method based on fast correlation combined with up-sampling is proposed. Ideal anti-imaging(More)
In this paper, the method for measuring the complex permittivity of concrete has been proposed, and using this method the complex permittivity of concrete is measured. This method for calculating the dielectric constant of concrete is used by measuring the deflection and the loss of electromagnetic wave in concrete block for experiments. The measuring(More)
The reinforcing steels in concrete are accurately located by means of revising the refractive index. The microstrip array antenna is used to transmit the microwave to the concrete with vertical incidence to and a 30deg angle inclination to the concrete plane respectively. The microwave frequency used is 2.4 GHz. The horizontal position of reinforcing steel(More)
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