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A series of potassium complexes bearing monoanionic tetradentate amino-phenolate ligands, [LK]2 (L = {(2-R1)C6H4CH2N[(CH2)2R2]CH2(4-R4-6-R3)C6H2O-}, R1 = NMe2, R2 = NEt2, R3 = CPh3, R4 = Me (1); R1 = R2 = NEt2, R3 = CPh3, R4 = Me (2); R1 = NMe2, R2 = NEt2, R3 = R4 = cumyl (4); R1 = R2 = OMe, R3 = tBu, R4 = Me (6); L =(More)
Highly efficient hydrogen generation from dehydrogenation of formic acid is achieved by using bioinspired iridium complexes that have hydroxyl groups at the ortho positions of the bipyridine or bipyrimidine ligand (i.e., OH in the second coordination sphere of the metal center). In particular, [Ir(Cp*)(TH4BPM)(H2 O)]SO4 (TH4BPM:(More)
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