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This paper proposed an algorithm of radius restrained distributed breadth first search flooding for call routing in multimedia communication. By knowing the information of neighbor nodes in finite scope, this algorithm does breadth first search and selects the least number of next forwarding neighbor nodes to reduce redundant information in broadcasting(More)
—Current load balancing method for large scale spatial data network service can't dynamically adjust the load of spatial data servers according to the characteristics of spatial data. We propose a content-based spatial data dynamic load balancing method, which can dynamically group spatial data servers according to geographical position relativity and(More)
Drawbacks such as agglutination between call process and call routing, heavy routing overhead, poor scalability and control complexity, exist in current large-scale multimedia communication. To overcome these disadvantages, we proposed a hybrid hierarchical call routing architecture based on agent. In this layered architecture, instructed by the goal of(More)
To analyze online interactive systems, accurate historical log files are required which can support visualization of the changes in the characteristics of tile access traffic. It can be used to analyze system running behavior and users' interaction modes, to design better system performance and optimization methods. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to(More)
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