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A mix network is a cryptographic construction for anonymous communications. In addition to anonymity, a reputable mix network first defined by Golle offers a reputation property: the mix-net can prove that every message it outputs corresponds to an input submitted by a user without revealing which input. This property can shield the mix-net from liability(More)
To safeguard the interests of transacting parties, non-repudiation mechanisms need to assure fairness and timeliness. The non-repudiation service currently implemented usually does not consider the requirement of fairness and the fair non-repudiation protocols to date can not be suitably applied in real environment due to its complex interaction. This paper(More)
Mix-net is a cryptographic technique that is used to hide the origin of messages in computer network communications. The optimistic mix-net proposed by Golle et al. is a very practical and efficient construction which has a very fast mixing process when all players behave honestly. A new type of relation attack on Golle’s optimistic mix-net and its modified(More)
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