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This paper describes the information systems as a family of equivalence relations or functions. It brings forward the notion of separation polynomial, which is an expression found by the separators (complement of the equivalence relations) via finite union operations and intersection operations. This paper adopts the minimal element method, simplified the(More)
This article defines information systems as reflexive transitive binary relation family. It is equivalent to the attributes of information systems expressed as functions. This article has studied the composion operations of the information system attributes, attribute reduction representation and the minimum element method of attribute reduction. Finally,(More)
In order to make the nonlinear affine-control systems become globally asymptotically stable; it is effective to design a kind of feedback controller by means of Lyapunov function. In addition, this way has drawn great attention in recent years. Three things are done in this paper. First, the sufficient and necessary condition about the lower(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of upper completeness in the quasi-metric spaces. In this paper, firstly, some new basic concepts of quasi-metric spaces such as the upper limit and lower limit are put forward. Correspondingly, the concepts of upper closed set, upper Cauchy sequence and upper completeness are obtained. Secondly, three important(More)
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