Shao-yun Chen

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Highly efficient controllable oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes or acids by sodium periodate in the presence of water-soluble manganese porphyrins (meso-tetrakis(N-ethylpyridinium-4-yl)manganese porphyrin, MnTEPyP) with different reaction media has been reported. The manganese porphyrin showed excellent activity for the controllable oxidation of various(More)
OBJECTIVE To master the dynamic endemic status and influencing factors of schistosomiasis in Yunnan Province, so as to provide the evidence for making the control and prevention measures. METHODS Four villages of four schistosomiasis heavy endemic counties were selected as survey sites. Then, the serological screening and etiological tests were carried(More)
tert-Butyl (S)-6-chloro-5-hydroxy-3-oxohexanoate ((S)-CHOH) is a valuable chiral synthon, which is used for the synthesis of the cholesterol-lowering drugs atorvastatin and rosuvastatin. To date, only the alcohol dehydrogenases from Lactobacillus brevis (LbADH) and Lactobacillus kefir (LkADH) have demonstrated catalytic activity toward the asymmetric(More)
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