Shao-peng Zhang

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The Stark broadening and Stark shift were described with different electric microfield distribution functions. These microfield distribution functions include Holtsmark, Neutral Point, Nearest-Neighbor and Mayer model microfield distribution function. The Stark profiles with four microfield distribution functions were studied and the Stark broadening and(More)
In this study, a new strategy to locate ESTs on maize linkage groups was described. In the strategy, the rice (Oryza sativa L.) genomic sequence database of was employed to locate maize EST on rice linkage groups, and then to locate on maize linkage group by comparative genetics mapping between rice and maize genome. The aligned ESTs information should(More)
According to Stark broadening theory, Stark broadening spectral line profile is asymmetric in essence considering plasma ions impact. The electric microfield distribution function is very important for the spectral line profile. The Stark broadening spectral line profile is described with different electric microfield distribution functions. The results(More)
In order to explore the endophytic fungal communities of Stipa sp. roots in different types of steppes in the north of China, root tissues of Stipa sp. were collected from six different types of steppes, i.e., subalpine meadow, alpine meadow, Gobi desert, desert steppe, typical steppe, and meadow steppe across Xinjiang, Gansu and Inner Mongolia. A total of(More)
The rhizome of Panax japonicus var. major have been used as the natural medicinal agent by Chinese traditional doctors for more than thousand years. Most of the therapeutic effects of P. japonicus var. major had been reported due to the presence of tetracyclic or pentacyclic triterpene saponins. In this study, Illumina pair-end RNA-sequencing and de novo(More)
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