Shao-min Zhang

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In this paper, authors study using SIFT feature for medical image retrieval. Under bag-of-words framework, this paper study different methods forming visual words from local SIFT feature, and show good choice for medical image retrieval, in different condition. Through experimentation on different body parts, rotation and scale, the methods show different(More)
At present the workflow model lacks of time constraints and cannot support complex workflow systems, so the classical Petri net is extended in time and hierarchy in this paper. Based on the above extension, a time-extended and hierarchy-extended workflow-net model is proposed. At the same time the construction algorithm of the THEWF-Net model is presented.(More)
Ontology is a hotspot of research in knowledge engineering. It is an effective means that building an ontology-based domain knowledge base to realize the sharing of domain knowledge. Manual building needs lots of repetitive work, which is inefficient and hard to migrate from one field to others. To solve the above problems, this paper presents an approach(More)
In this paper, authors propose a new two-step medical image retrieval method which combines co-occurrence matrix texture feature and gradient phase mutual information(GP_MI). The new method provides fast retrieval respond speed while achieves high precision and good robustness in retrieval process. Experimental results show that the algorithm has potential(More)
To solve the difficulty of the field of Automatic Entity Relation Extraction, in this paper, a method that used binary classification thinking, meanwhile combined with reasoning rules to extract the field of entity relation is proposed. considering comprehensively the context information of entity, entity type and their combination of characteristics to(More)
With the wide application of the distributed workflow management system, the load balancing policy that can improve system's performance is being emphasized by people. A load balancing model, load balancing machinery, is presented in this paper, and it is introduced into the distributed workflow management system. And the system structure of the model is(More)
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