Shao-jun Xie

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A new active islanding detection method based on 2<sup>nd</sup> harmonic impedance measurement is studied. With this method, the inverter current reference is slightly modified by an injected signal which affecting the in-grid current in a negligible way. When the grid becomes unavailable, the value of grid impedance moves outside of a preset threshold(More)
Two-switch Buck-boost converter has a wide range of applications. However, the diode reverse-recovery problem in CCM mode limits its efficiency promotion. This paper, based on some pertinent literature, proposed a novel circuit structure which transfers the inductor current to another path (using coupling inductor) to solve this problem. The relevant(More)
This paper proposes a two-switch Buck-boost converter with coupling inductance to reduce the diodes reverse recover losses. Based on this converter, characteristics of the synchronous and asynchronous control mode have also been analyzed. The experiment result showed that with the same core volume and the same control mode (synchronous control), the(More)
Ultra-low power device is very popular in recent years because of some applications like medical device and communications. For the ultralow-power consideration, the crucial in SRAMs are stability and reliability. In conventional 6T SRAMs is hard to achieve reliability in sub-threshold operation. Hence, some researchers have considered different(More)
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