Shao-jia Li

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Organic acids are essential to fruit flavor. The vacuolar H(+) transporting adenosine triphosphatase (V-ATPase) plays an important role in organic acid transport and accumulation. However, less is known of V-ATPase interacting proteins and their relationship with organic acid accumulation. The relationship between V-ATPase and citric acid was investigated,(More)
Transcriptional regulatory mechanisms underlying lignin metabolism have been widely studied in model plants and woody trees, but seldom in fruits such as loquat, which undergo lignification. Here, twelve EjMYB genes, designed as EjMYB3-14, were isolated based on RNA-seq. Gene expression indicated that EjMYB8 and EjMYB9 were significantly induced in fruit(More)
Citric acid is the predominant organic acid of citrus fruit. Degradation of citric acid occurs during fruit development, influencing fruit acidity. Associations of CitAco3 transcripts and citric acid degradation have been reported for citrus fruit. Here, transient overexpression of CitAco3 significantly reduced the citric acid content of citrus leaves and(More)
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