Shao-feng Yuan

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The dynamics of soil organic carbon (SOC) was analyzed by using laboratory incubation and double exponential model that mineralizable SOC was separated into active carbon pools and slow carbon pools in forest soils derived from Changbai and Qilian Mountain areas. By analyzing and fitting the CO2 evolved rates with SOC mineralization, the results showed that(More)
Based on clarifying of related conceptions of land ecological security, this paper discusses the evaluation methods on regional land ecological security. Taking Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province as study region, from the aspects of nature, economy, society, and according to PSR model, 18 indexes, which have significant impact on the ecological security in(More)
Experiments of field runoff plots, which were conducted at vegetable plots in Hongsheng town of Wuxi city--the typical region of Taihu Basin, were designed to assess the effects of different rainfall intensities on soil phosphorus runoff loss from vegetable plots by artificial rainfall simulations. Results showed that there was a relationship of power(More)
OBJECTIVE Ultrasonic image speckles result from the interference of the reflected signals by the scatters in the detected tissue. The physical characteristics of the speckles are closely correlated with the structures of the biological tissues, and the probability distribution of these speckles differs across different tissues. Based on the probability(More)
Evaluation and analysis of water quality variations were performed with integrated consideration of water quality parameters, hydrological-meteorologic and anthropogenic factors in Cao-E River, Zhejiang Province of China. Cao-E River system has been polluted and the water quality of some reaches are inferior to Grade V according to National Surface Water(More)
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