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CVSSearch is a tool that searches for fragments of source code by using CVS comments. CVS is a version control system that is widely used in the open source community [4]. Our search tool takes advantage of the fact that a CVS comment typically describes the lines of code involved in the commit and this description will typically hold for many future(More)
Microsomal epoxide hydrolase 1 (EPHX1) plays an important role in both the activation and the detoxification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic amines. Polymorphisms at exon 4 of the EPHX1 gene have been reported to be associated with variations in EPHX1 activity. Many studies have investigated the association between EPHX1 A139G polymorphism(More)
Maize was first domesticated in a restricted valley in south-central Mexico. It was diffused throughout the Americas over thousands of years, and following the discovery of the New World by Columbus, was introduced into Europe. Trade and colonization introduced it further into all parts of the world to which it could adapt. Repeated introductions, local(More)
— A new carbon nanotube-based antenna for terahertz application is proposed. The wave velocity and propagation constant of single-walled carbon nanotube bundle dipole antenna is analyzed based on the compact equivalent circuit model of single walled carbon nanotube bundle. The results show that the slower wave velocity of a bundle antenna means that a(More)
The direct-drive wind turbine has received much attention compared to the geared turbine in terms of reliability and cost. However, dimension of the direct-drive turbine will be too large to transport and assembly with the increase of power-scale. This paper proposes a multi-generator architecture to address potential challenges: dimension, cost and(More)
Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) concentrations and N: P ratios between leaves and roots of Nitraria tangutorum along aridity gradients were studied. N. tangutorum was relatively limited by N in April (mean leaf N: P ratio = 11.13) and by P in August (mean leaf N: P ratio = 38.78). N and P in both leaves and roots were highly correlated across sampling(More)
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