Shao-Yu Li

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Human cytosolic NADP(+)-dependent malic enzyme (c-NADP-ME) is neither a cooperative nor an allosteric enzyme, whereas mitochondrial NAD(P)(+)-dependent malic enzyme (m-NAD(P)-ME) is allosterically activated by fumarate. This study examines the molecular basis for the different allosteric properties and quaternary structural stability of m-NAD(P)-ME and(More)
Here, we found a natural compound, embonic acid (EA), that can specifically inhibit the enzymatic activity of mitochondrial NAD(P)+-dependent malic enzyme (m-NAD(P)-ME, ME2) either in vitro or in vivo. The in vitro IC50 value of EA for m-NAD(P)-ME was 1.4 ± 0.4 μM. Mutagenesis and binding studies revealed that the putative binding site of EA on m-NAD(P)-ME(More)
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