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At low temperature, a thermodynamic system undergoes a phase transition when a physical parameter passes through a singularity point of the free energy. This corresponds to the formation of a new order. At high temperature, thermal fluctuations destroy the order. Correspondingly, the free energy is a smooth function of the physical parameter and(More)
Central spin decoherence is useful for detecting many-body physics in environments and moreover, the spin echo control can remove the effects of static thermal fluctuations so that the quantum fluctuations are revealed. The central spin decoherence approach, however, is feasible only in some special configurations and often requires uniform coupling between(More)
In the paper we propose a new lossless video coding system utilizing both Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) and integer wavelet transform techniques to explore data redundancy in both spatial and temporal domain, respectively. We elaborate the design issues such MCTF scheme, filter selection, group of picture size, wavelet coefficient coding, and(More)
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