Shao-Wei Yu

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The chloroplast-localized proteins play roles in plant salt stress response, but their mechanisms remain largely unknown. In this study, we screened a yellow leaf mutant, yl1-1, whose shoots exhibited hypersensitivity to salt stress. We mapped YL1 to AT3G57180, which encodes a YqeH-type GTPase. YL1, as a chloroplast stroma-localized protein, could be(More)
Volatile esters are major factors affecting the aroma of apple fruits, and alcohol acyltransferases (AATs) are key enzymes involved in the last steps of ester biosynthesis. The expression of apple AAT (MdAAT2) is known to be induced by salicylic acid (SA) or ethylene in apple fruits, although the mechanism of its transcriptional regulation remains elusive.(More)
MDN1/Rea1, as an AAA-type ATPase, is predicted to be the largest protein involved in pre-ribosome maturation in most organisms. However, its function in plant growth and development is poorly understood. Here, we characterized a novel Arabidopsis mutant, dwarf &short root (dsr) 1, which shows pleiotropic developmental phenotypes, such as slow germination,(More)
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