Shao Wee Lee

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Simultaneous imaging of proton and sodium is achieved using a new two coil system and a time-multiplexing technique with a 1.5 T NMR imaging system. Distinctly different NMR parameters of protons and sodium, such as resonant frequencies and T1 relaxation rates, are incorporated in the imaging with a new dual coil arrangement. Since the T1 relaxation time of(More)
In order to develop a better understanding of cataract and to evaluate the effectiveness of potential drugs, noninvasive techniques must be devised to detect early metabolic changes. As a prelude to these goals, sodium-23 imaging experiments operating at 29.8 MHz (2.7 teslas) were performed on the bovine eye and lens. A spatially localized transverse(More)
Catalytic pyrolysis behavior of synthesized microporous catalysts (conventional Zeolite Socony Mobil–5 (C-ZSM-5), highly uniform nanocrystalline ZSM-5 (HUN-ZSM-5) and β-zeolite), Mesoporous catalysts (highly hydrothermally stable Al-MCM-41 with accessible void defects (Al-MCM-41(hhs)), Kanemite-derived folded silica (KFS-16B) and well-ordered Al-SBA-15(More)
Design principles of a whole body Slotted Tube Resonator (STR) RF coil are given and fabrication details of the RF coil for a 2.0 Tesla NMR imaging system are presented. Experimental study proved efficient operation of the coil at 2.0 Tesla field and indicated potential for the extension of the technique to the even higher fields.
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