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The Internet has made it easier than ever to market products and services across the globe. Most American companies today are so focused on their domestic market that they do not pay any attention to the overseas markets. Nevertheless, e-commerce is global in nature and the international markets represent immense potential. While the United States is(More)
The results of retrospective-cohort radioepidemiological studies on workers of mines and plants governed by China National Nuclear Corporation was reported. The total number was 40,122 persons and 575,411 person-years. The accumulated personal dose in workers of reactor, nuclear fuel reprocessing plants and research units was 57 mSv on the average. For fuel(More)
  • S Q Sun
  • 1987
There were 1,724 lung cancer cases registered at the Yunnan Tin Corporation in the period 1954-1986, of which 90% had a history of working underground. Previous exposure to radon, and radon daughters and arsenic is considered to be responsible for the high incidence of lung cancer in these miners. Arsenic may come from inhalation of arsenic-containing ore(More)
Genetic analysis was conducted on the data of 3 populations with 1686 litters including Erhualian pigs, Large White and first cross. The phenotypic and genetic parameters among litter weight at birth (LW), average piglet weight at birth (APW), litter weight at 20 days (LW20), average piglet weight at 20 days (APW20), litter weight at 45 days (LW45), average(More)
Genetic analysis was conducted on the data of 3 populations with 1,686 litters including Erhualian pig, Large White and first cross. The results indicated that the heritability estimates for the total number of piglets born, the number of piglets born alive, the number of piglets at 20 d and at 45 d were 0.081, 0.156, 0.402 and 0.419, respectively. The(More)
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