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In this paper, a new and efficient synthesis of 6-O-methylscutellarein (3), the major metabolite of the natural medicine scutellarin, is reported. Two hydroxyl groups at C-4' and C-7 in 2 were selectively protected by chloromethyl methyl ether after the reaction conditions were optimized, then 6-O-methyl-scutellarein (3) was produced in high yield after(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder which usually occurs in the elderly. The accumulation of β-amyloid and the formation of neurofibrillary tangles are considered as the main pathogenies of AD. Research suggests that β-secretase 1 (BACE1) plays an important role in the formation of β-amyloid. Discovery of new BACE1(More)
Context Scutellarin (1) has been widely used in China to treat acute cerebral infarction and paralysis induced by cerebrovascular diseases. However, scutellarin (1) has unstable metabolic characteristics. Objective The metabolic profile of 6-O-scutellarein was studied to determine its metabolic stability in vivo. Materials and methods In this study, a(More)
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