Shao-Ming Fei

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We derive an analytical lower bound for the concurrence of a bipartite quantum state in arbitrary dimension. A functional relation is established relating concurrence, the Peres-Horodecki criterion, and the realignment criterion. We demonstrate that our bound is exact for some mixed quantum states. The significance of our method is illustrated by giving a(More)
We study the local indistinguishability problem of quantum states. By introducing an easily calculated quantity, non-commutativity, we present an criterion which is both necessary and sufficient for the local indistinguishability of a complete set of pure orthogonal product states. A constructive distinguishing procedure to obtain the concrete local(More)
The quantum entanglements are studied in terms of the invariants under local unitary transformations. A generalized formula of concurrence for N -dimensional quantum systems is presented. This generalized concurrence has potential applications in studying separability and calculating entanglement of formation for high dimensional mixed quantum states. PACS(More)
We formulate uncertainty relations for arbitrary N observables. Two uncertainty inequalities are presented in terms of the sum of variances and standard deviations, respectively. The lower bounds of the corresponding sum uncertainty relations are explicitly derived. These bounds are shown to be tighter than the ones such as derived from the uncertainty(More)
The equivalence of tripartite pure states under local unitary transformations is investigated. The nonlocal properties for a class of tripartite quantum states in C ⊗ C ⊗ C composite systems are investigated and a complete set of invariants under local unitary transformations for these states is presented. It is shown that two of these states are locally(More)