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OBJECTIVES To investigate mothers' perspectives on the quality of postpartum care services in central Shanghai, China. DESIGN Semi-structured interviews. SETTING Two maternal and child health posts in two subdistricts in LW District, Central Shanghai, China. STUDY PARTICIPANTS Fifty postpartum mothers who attended the maternal and child health posts(More)
The socio-economic reforms launched in China in the late 1970s led to rapid economic growth and, with it, health sector resources expanded rapidly. The rural health services have benefited from the policies of economic reform, but not in an optimal way, particularly in poor areas. This article uses a case study of a poor county--Donglan--to illustrate that(More)
Overclocking a CPU is a common practice among home-built PC enthusiasts where the CPU is operated at a higher frequency than its speed rating. This practice is unsafe because timing errors cannot be detected by modern CPUs and they can be practically undetectable by the end user. Using a timing speculation technique such as Razor, it is possible to detect(More)
Floating point implementation has been a hot topic in recent FPGA research. This paper describes a method to optimize area of combined floating point and integer arithmetic unit through sharing the largest component in each operation on an FPGA. Specifically, the operations included are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shift left/right,(More)
In the 1960s and 1970s China provided a good model for financing and delivering rural health services in developing countries. Since the implementation of economic reforms which began in the 1980s, however, health services in poor areas have been showing signs of declining, with fewer people able to pay for the services they need. This article examines(More)
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