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MPEG-21 describes the multimedia framework for us in the near future. And the basic unit, digital item (DI), which will encapsulate and unify the operation for the multimedia application, is proposed in MPEG-21. Color images are embodied in three different frames and it is not enough to utilize color redundant information in traditional compression methods.(More)
Since the introduction of "TCP for congestion control in computer networks", this concept has been widely used in wired networks. TCP congestion control has its different variants in various types of networks. Many other protocols are also introduced, which are derived from "TCP Congestion Control" concept for wired networks. TCP congestion control is(More)
MPEG-21 describes for us the future blueprint of multimedia application with the diversity of user preferences and environments. In fact, it is very necessary to form normative description of user preferences for multimedia application; however, there is no accepted model to provide formal and reliable representation. The method by statistical vector matrix(More)
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