Shao-Hua Li

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Power injection variations that occur in power systems are generally nonlinear. A continuation power flow method with multiple nonlinear power injection variations is presented in this paper. To model the nature of nonlinear power injection variations, a piecewise-linear model is proposed to approximate the nonlinear model of power injections. The(More)
A structure-induced bifurcation in power system occurs due to load increases (parameter variation); causing one or more generators to reach their reactive power (also termed Q) limits which in turns changes the underlying power flow equations (i.e. the vector field is altered). The impacts of generator reactive reserve on structure-induced bifurcation are(More)
With the rapid development of wind power generation, integrated wind farms will exert a growing influence in the economic operation of power system. This paper build an OPF model with wind farms which includes the stable model of wind generator and the added up spinning reserve and down spinning reserve caused by the uncertainty of wind power. In order to(More)
Locational marginal price (LMP) is a fundamental principle in the majority of electricity markets and is increasingly being employed at a number of ISO's such as PJM, california ISO, etc. It is essential to obtain the accurate value of LMPs. This paper presents an OPF formulation with a composite dynamic load models which is a composite of ZIP and induction(More)
Continuation power flow (CPFLOW) with multiple load variation and generation re-dispatch patterns is developed in this paper. The power injection variations are determined by both load variation and real generation dispatch in power systems. To model power injection variations, a piecewise linear model in the power injection space is used to model multiple(More)
Fast load margin estimation schemes have been applied to functions of contingency screening and ranking for on-line voltage security assessments. However, the existing load margin estimation schemes do not take reactive power limit into considerations. In this paper, load margins estimation schemes are extended to take Q-limit into considerations, the(More)
While it has been widely accepted that the constant P-Q leads to conservative load margin calculation of voltage stability, lately the studies show that induction motor loads can lead to an even more conservative load margin calculation. This paper analyzes the impacts of the composite load model (the composite of ZIP and induction motor load models) on the(More)
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