Shao Bo Cheng

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In the domains of industry process control, the model identification and predictive control of nonlinear systems are always difficult problems. To solve the problems, a section identification method based on least squares support vector machines about function approximation is utilized to identify a nonlinear autoregressive external input model which is(More)
GPER possesses structural and functional characteristics shared by members of the G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily, the largest class of plasma membrane receptors. This newly appreciated estrogen receptor is localized predominately within intracellular membranes in most, but not all, cell types and its surface expression is modulated by steroid(More)
In hot rolling process, reheating furnace and roughing mill are controlled separately in general, and the transfer of production information between the two facilities is very limited, so rolling information of roughing mill can not be fed back to reheating furnace to adjust slab's heating process dynamically, which leads to exceeding energy consumption. In(More)
An anti-surge nonlinear model predictive control system based on Least-Squared Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) is proposed to increase the efficiency of compressor. In controller design, a compressor dynamic model is created by LS-SVM. A rolling optimization method combing genetic algorithm and LS-SVM is taken to get better real-time performance. Use the(More)
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