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This paper presents the methods of measuring electrode-skin mechanical interaction which is closely related to the motion artifacts of bio-potential body surface electrode. The interaction was defined as inplane electrode-skin relative movement parallel with skin and their contact pressure perpendicular to skin. The wearable electrode was fabricated using(More)
In this paper, we present an objective evaluation method to study the pressure induced abrupt baseline shift in bioelectric signals measurement using textile electrodes. The evaluation was carried out on a hollow simulator, made from a Teflon tube with two pieces of filtration membranes at each end to mimic human skin, which filled with saline solution. An(More)
This paper implements efficient techniques for cloth simulation in the area of cloth model, numerical integration, collision detection and response. The whole procedure combines the accurate bending model with implicit integration and collision response. Collision response remains a serious difficulty in cloth simulation, especially with implicit(More)
Automatic profiled fiber identification is of very significance to textiles quality control and performance design. In this paper, we present a facile sequential clustering algorithm used for profiled fiber identification. This clustering algorithm is based on dissimilarity measures between feature vectors. One of its advantages is that the final result is(More)
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