Shanxing Ou

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CVD (cardiovascular disease) is one of the biggest threats to human beings nowadays. An early and quantitative diagnosis of CVD is important in extending lifespan and improving people’s life quality. Coronary artery stenosis can prevent CVD. To diagnose the degree of stenosis, the inner diameter of coronary artery needs to be measured. To achieve such(More)
Radiofrequency ablation therapy of liver cancer is a local mini-invasive treatment technology with several advantages, such as low trauma, safety, effectiveness, and quick postoperative recovery. The application of the optical surgical navigation system in radiofrequency ablation therapy can realize the real-time positioning of surgical instruments and(More)
The accuracy of optical tracking systems is important to scientists. With the improvements reported in this regard, such systems have been applied to an increasing number of operations. To enhance the accuracy of these systems further and to reduce the effect of synchronization and visual field errors, this study introduces a field-programmable gate array(More)
The segmentation and detection of various types of nodules in a Computer-aided detection (CAD) system present various challenges, especially when (1) the nodule is connected to a vessel and they have very similar intensities; (2) the nodule with ground-glass opacity (GGO) characteristic possesses typical weak edges and intensity inhomogeneity, and hence it(More)
Skin biopsy images can reveal causes and severity of many skin diseases, which is a significant complement for skin surface inspection. Automatic annotation of skin biopsy image is an important problem for increasing efficiency and reducing the subjectiveness in diagnosis. However it is challenging particularly when there exists indirect relationship(More)
Major depression disorder (MDD) patients express dysfunction autonomic nervous system (ANS) and reduced heart rate variability (HRV). However, previous researches mainly focused on examining resting state without considering a series of stimulation tests of ANS between MDD patients and healthy people. For this purpose, 40 healthy people and 40 MDD patients(More)
Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is the most common complex congenital heart disease (CHD) of the cyanotic type. Studies on ventricular functions have received an increasing amount of attention as the development of diagnosis and treatment technology for CHD continues to advance. Reasonable options for imaging examination and accurate assessment of preoperative(More)
Cardiac atlases play an important role in the computer-aided diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, in particular they need to deal with large and highly variable image datasets. In this paper, we propose a new nonrigid registration algorithm incorporating shape information, to produce comprehensive atlases. For one thing, the multiscale gradient orientation(More)
BACKGROUND Segmentation of cardiac computed tomography (CT) images is an effective method for assessing the dynamic function of the heart and lungs. In the atlas-based heart segmentation approach, the quality of segmentation usually relies upon atlas images, and the selection of those reference images is a key step. The optimal goal in this selection(More)