Shanwen Li

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Poplar (Populus spp.) is one of the most important economical tree species in temperate regions of the world. Easy propagation by cutting has made most of the selected genotypes of poplar available for intensive plantation with large genetic gains. Critical point for successful propagation of cutting is the development of roots. Thus, rooting context of the(More)
The physical and chemical properties of poplar clones largely determine their suitability for different applications. The main objective of this study was to investigate clonal variation in four hybrid poplar clones grown at three sites in North China and identify the superior clone. Study materials were collected from four clones of hybrid white poplar:(More)
Fisheye camera is finding increasing number of applications in robotic vision, visual surveillance, and other fields. But the use of super-wide angle fish-eye lenses causes strong distortions in the resulting images. A method for the correction of fisheye distortion using only single images and linearity of imaged objects is presented. Spherical projection(More)
Rail track extraction from the image can be used to determine the position of the rails ahead of a train, which is one of the fundamental tasks for vision-based driver support systems in railways. This paper introduces a method that extracts rails by matching the edge features of the real image to the candidate rail patterns which is parameterically(More)
Visual Multiple Object Tracking (VMOT) is an important computer vision task which has gained increasing attention due to its academic and commercial potential. There are many different approaches have been proposed to solve the problem. Compared with single object tracking which focuses on appearance model, motion model and other factors, multiple object(More)
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