Shanting Hao

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Tos17 is a copia-like, cryptic retrotransposon of rice, but can be activated by tissue culture. To study possible epigenetic mechanism controlling activity of Tos17, we subjected three rice lines (the parental line cv. Matsumae and two introgression lines, RZ2 and RZ35) that harbor different copies of the element to tissue culture. For each line, we(More)
The bread-making quality of wheat is strongly influenced by multiple low molecular weight glutenin subunit (LMW-GS) proteins expressed in the seeds. However, the organization, recombination and expression of LMW-GS genes and their functional mechanism in bread-making are not well understood. Here we report a systematic molecular analysis of LMW-GS genes(More)
BACKGROUND The lipid content of microalgae is regarded as an important indicator for biodiesel. Many attempts have been made to increase the lipid content of microalgae through biochemical and genetic engineering. Significant lipid accumulation in microalgae has been achieved using biochemical engineering, such as nitrogen starvation, but the cell growth(More)
High molecular weight (HMW) glutenin subunits are conserved seed storage proteins in wheat and related species. Here we describe a more detailed characterization of the HMW glutenin subunits from Aegilops searsii, which is diploid and contains the Ss genome related to the S genome of Aegilops speltoides and the A, B and D genomes of hexaploid wheat.(More)
High-molecular-weight glutenin subunit (HMW-GS) is a primary determinant of processing quality of wheat. Considerable progress has been made in understanding the structure, function and genetic regulation of HMW-GS in wheat and some of its related species, but less is known about their orthologs in Agropyron intermedium, a useful related species for wheat(More)
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