Shanthi Shanmugam

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A number of studies in the last decade have argued that GPS-based surveys offer the potential to replace traditional travel diary surveys. GPS-based surveys impose lower respondent burden, offer greater spatiotemporal precision and incur fewer monetary costs. However, GPS-based surveys do not collect certain key inputs required for the estimation of travel(More)
The reasons for such resistance are related to the same points as noted by Fleming himself. 1. Too little dosage of antibiotics: I have seen prescription of cefotoxime for meiningitis by a neurologist and a physician team for a girl child in half the therapeutic dosage in a corporate hospital, a decade ago and because of that she developed, double vision(More)
The role of preoperative fasting is well established in current anaesthetic practice with different guidelines for clear fluids and food. However, chewing gum may not be categorised as either food or drink by some patients, and may not always be specified in instructions given to patients about preoperative fasting. The aim of this paper was to review(More)
There has been an increasing trend of performing inference on data collected by smartphones to provide context-aware location-based services. When this inference is performed using supervised analysis, these services need ground truth if high accuracies are desired. While accuracy is less of a concern for services targeted at individuals, it is important(More)