Shanthi S. Prabhu

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1. The influence of sires on gestation periods ofAmrit Mahal, Gir, Hallikar, Kangayam,Kankrej, Ongole, Sindhi (2 herds) andTharparker breeds of Indian cattle was studied from the records of 45 sires maintained at different farms in India. Only gestation periods terminating in normal births were considered and only bulls with a minimum of 2 calves of the(More)
The emergence of high position resolution (∼10 μm) silicon detectors in recent times have highlighted the urgent need for the development of new automated optical scanners of micron level resolution suited for characterizing microscopic features of these detectors. More specifically, for the newly developed silicon photo-multipliers (SiPM) that are compact,(More)
We report here fabrication of interdigitated photoconductive antenna (iPCA) terahertz (THz) emitters based on plasmonic electrode design. Novel design of this iPCA enables it to work without microlens array focusing, which is otherwise required for photo excitation of selective photoconductive regions to avoid the destructive interference of emitted THz(More)
We demonstrate continuous wave (CW) terahertz generation from antennas fabricated on C12-irradiated semi-insulating (SI) GaAs substrates. The dark current drawn by the antennas fabricated on irradiated substrates is ∼3 to 4 orders of magnitude lower compared to antennas fabricated on un-irradiated substrates, while the photocurrents decrease by only ∼1.5(More)
1. An investigation was carried out inDrosophila melanogaster to find out the effect of one unchanged and one changing X-chromosome and changing autosomes belonging to distinct stocks on the fecundity, egg-length, egg-volume and hatchability of the flies. The stocks selected were such that they differed from each other significantly in respect of all the(More)
In Drosophila there havc been few detailed genetic investigations on quantitative characters like egg production which have low values of heritability and high environmenial effects. Bell, ~A'OOl'e and \'Varl'en (1955) tested, four methods of selection oil egg production and egg-size and Rasmuson (1956) elnployed the "recurrent recil)rocal" selection(More)
The design of a free-standing (substrate-less) metallic hole array is proposed for Terahertz frequencies. The bandpass filtering effect through free standing perforted Aluminium (Al) films is demonstrated using a square array of circular holes on Al films having thickness of ∼ 11 μm. The effect of variation of periodicity and hole diameter on the(More)
Reports about the occurrence of supcrnunmvavy tcats (SNT) in cattle arc. awfitable in a. lavgc measure for l ' ;uropcan breeds of cattle (F[ammond, 1927; Oifford, 1934; ']'ufl, 1950; Johansson, 1957 ; Mcscaninov, 1957 ; Skjcw, old, 1960 and \,Vienev, 1962), For Indian cattle, Singh and lh*abhu (1966a) reported an overall rate of 1"t.'6{~% for [ivc breeds,(More)