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Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular in the business world due to the advantages that it offers by eliminating the need to have infrastructure within business premises and dedicated staff to maintain infrastructure. Apart from the advantages the cloud offers, it can also bring in some potential security threats to the organization by not having(More)
Effectiveness in eLearning is identified as meeting the users' learning goals. It has been the subject of many researches which have led to a variety of dimensions and factors affecting it. However with the latest disruption of educational technology, MOOC has changed the perceptions of eLearning by taking eLearning to a new direction. Hence effectiveness(More)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are dominating the eLearning field due to its sound pedagogical features and being open to any interest participant. Due to popularity and the demand, number of MOOCs increases at a higher rate. However, not all the MOOCs meet the goals of user. In other terms, not all the MOOCs are effective. It is vital to identify the(More)
Bandwidth scarcity is a common problem faced in multimedia transmission over broadband wireless networks. From a consumer's perspective, the effectiveness of multimedia delivery suffers significantly in such networks. Further, in a mobile environment, when the number of users increases, they experience interruptions in the received multimedia streams.(More)
IntroductIon Around the world, e-learning is becoming popular , especially among higher education institutes (universities). Many highly ranked universities have either already deployed an e-learning system and are fully operational, or they are in a process of deployment where e-learning-based and non e-learning-based educational environments co-exist. It(More)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) use peer assessment to grade open ended questions at scale, allowing students to provide feedback. Relative to teacher based grading, peer assessment on MOOCs traditionally delivers lower quality feedback and fewer learner interactions. We present the identified peer review (IPR) framework, which provides non-blind peer(More)
In today's business environment it is difficult to obtain senior management approval for the expenditure of valuable resources to " guarantee " that a potentially disastrous event will not occur that could affect the ultimate survivability of the organization. The total information network flexibility achieved depends to a great extent on how network(More)
Generation of home plans based on several attributes like constraints and preferences is an interesting research area. Most related research works on floor plan generation do not always adhere to the necessary constraints such as reachability, connectivity and different shaping. This paper presents a novel and flexible technique for generating floor plans(More)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is a trending phenomenon in online education. Number of participants in a MOOC and the number of MOOCs by platforms and courses are appearing to be increasing at a tremendous level. Although MOOC found to be the “buzz” word, latest reports claim that the hype of the MOOC is fading. One reason to this is(More)