Shantao Chen

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Cyber-Physical Networked Systems (CPNS) are systems that integrate a multitude of nodes that perform computations for the sake of interacting with, or controlling, a physical process. The network plays an important role in CPNS supporting the interactions among the distributed nodes that enable the collaborative work towards the application goals. Some(More)
In this paper, we present a bearing-only on-line target localization platform, and succeed to realize the whole process of target localization. In the experiment, five nodes are used to send their moving target bearing line data to a base station which adopts asynchronous pseudolinear (APL) estimator for localization. The performance of Direction-of-arrival(More)
ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 beacon-enabled mode allows low duty-cycle operation with high energy saving in the wireless sensor network. However, low duty cycles introduce higher end-to-end delay in event propagation and generally lower reactivity of the network with respect to the actual sensing. In target tracking systems, both qualities should be satisfied,(More)
The sewage treatment system plays an important role in the environmental protection of the city, there are several kinds of parameters that need to be monitored simultaneously in order to make the progress under control. Wired monitoring system is still the main approach to monitor the parameter in the existing sewage monitoring system while it has the(More)
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