Shantanu Biswas

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Numerous algorithms and tools have been deployed in supply chain modeling and problem solving. These are based on stochastic models, mathematical programming models, heuristic techniques, and simulation. Since different decision problems in supply chains entail different approaches to be used for modeling and problem solving, there is a need for a unified(More)
Procurement is critical to achieving eeciency in any supply chain. Bundling has emerged as a best practice in procurement. We formulate the bundle procurement problem (BPP) as a weighted set covering problem. This result forms the foundation of a novel iterative reverse Dutch auction to solve the BPP. Every iteration of this auction is a generalized Vickrey(More)
We discuss four problems that we have identified under the umbrella of carbon economics problems: carbon credit allocation (CCA), carbon credit buying (CCB), carbon credit selling (CCS), and carbon credit exchange (CCE). Because of the strategic nature of the players involved in these problems, game theory and mechanism design provides a natural way of(More)
The combinatorial auction problem can be modeled as a weighted set packing problem. Similarly the reverse combinatorial auction can be modeled as a weighted set covering problem. We use the set packing and set covering formulations to suggest novel iterative Dutch auction algorithms for combinatorial auction problems. We use generalized Vickrey auctions(More)
Combinatorial exchanges are double sided marketplaceswith multiple sellers and multiple buyers trading with thehelp of combinatorial bids. The allocation and other associated problems in such exchanges are known to be among the hardest to solve among all economic mechanisms. In this paper, we develop computationally efficient iterative auction mechanisms(More)
Use of renewable energy sources for electricity generation is gaining prominence due to the increasing importance of sustainable development. Many of the electricity producers using renewable energy resources have very small generating capacities and it is a challenge to integrate them with the grid. Smart grids can play an important role in facilitating(More)
The micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) sector is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors all over the world. Clusters of small and medium enterprises have been very successful worldwide in promoting their growth. The contributions of MSME clusters to Indian economy in terms of increasing manufacturing capacities, increasing exports,(More)
Green or sustainable procurement is critical to any supply chain in the modern era. In this paper, we address the issue of selection of suppliers in order to ensure that the procurement process in a manufacturing or service supply chain selects suppliers so as to minimize carbon emissions. The specific problem we address pertains to that of an orchestrator(More)