Shanta Rangaswamy

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Steganography is the art of concealing the existence of information within seemingly harmless carriers. It is a method similar to covert channels, spread spectrum communication and invisible inks which adds another step in security. A message in cipher text may arouse suspicion while an invisible message will not. A digital image is a flexible medium used(More)
Road Traffic congestion is a perennial problem across the globe. The nature of the problems associated with vehicular traffic is not uniform across the globe. In the recent past, several solutions were proposed to improve traffic management. However most of these solutions cater to the traffic scenarios in the developed countries where traffic is lane based(More)
MPEG media have been widely adopted and is very successful in promoting interoperable services that deliver video to consumers on a range of devices. However, media consumption is going beyond the mere playback of a media asset and is geared towards a richer user experience that relies on rich metadata and content description. This paper proposes a(More)
A time series is a sequence of data points, measured typically at successive points in time spaced at uniform time intervals. Time series analysis comprises methods for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics of the data. In the context of statistics, the primary goal of time series analysis is(More)
Machine Learning techniques like decision trees can learn classification patterns from training data and generate classifiers that can then be used to solve decision problems. In general, the input data to classifiers is a set of features, but not all of features are relevant to the classes to be classified. Although the problem of finding an optimal(More)
The Sybil attack in computer security is an attack where in a reputation system is subverted by forging identities in peer-to-peer networks. The name was suggested in or before 2002 by Brian Zill at Microsoft Research. In a Sybil attack the attacker subverts the reputation system of a peer-to-peer network by creating a large number of pseudonymous(More)
In this paper, a novel approach for automatic road accident detection is proposed. The approach is based on detecting damaged vehicles from footage received from surveillance cameras installed in roads and highways which would indicate the occurrence of a road accident. Detection of damaged cars falls under the category of object detection in the field of(More)
Every project delivery involves significant amount of repeatable and replicable work, for example Customer Requirement Document(CRD), High Level Design(HLD), Low Level Design(LLD), Network Implementation Plan(NIP) and Network Ready For Use(NRFU) documentation. Repeatable work constitutes over 20% of the total transactional project efforts. Depending on the(More)