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In this paper, we investigate the challenging task of understanding short text (STU task) by jointly considering topic modeling and knowledge incorporation. Knowledge incorporation can solve the content sparsity problem effectively for topic modeling. Specifically, the phrase topic model is proposed to leverage the auto-mined knowledge, i.e., the phrases,(More)
In the experimental study on the electrophysiology and functions of heart in the animal, the thorax should be opened to expose the heart, at the same time natural breathing is maintained instead of artificial breathing. The key procedure of this new method is to avoid injuring the pleural cavity, so pneumothorax can be prevented. By means of this new method(More)
This paper considers the problem of amplifying scientific paper's abstract by using its citation sentences. While scientific paper's abstract is concise and subjective, its citation sentences, which can be regarded as one kind of comment, are redundant and objective. A summary combining the merits of those two resource is helpful to researchers. A(More)
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