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Named Data Networking (NDN) is currently a hot research topic in the field of network architecture, and its transport control mechanism is one of the key technologies needed to be studied. Since the transport in NDN network has the characteristic of multi-source, the implicit congestion detection mechanism of the traditional TCP protocol is no longer(More)
NDN (Named Data Networking) is an increasingly important topic with the realm of the future Internet architecture research. Naturally, a new congestion control mechanism is important for a new Internet architecture. Existing research on NDN congestion control mainly considers the one-Interest-one-Data transport mode, internally, they control the Data(More)
In high bandwidth and low latency data center networks, when multiple data senders simultaneously communicate with a single receiver, namely in many-to-one communication pattern, it is frequently occurred that the burst data overload the receiver's switch buffers, which leads to TCP throughput collapse. This phenomenon is termed to TCP Incast problem, which(More)
The VF (voltage and frequency control) droop control techniques are used to set the VF reference value which allows the operation of multiple VSCs in parallel to share the loads and regulate system voltage and frequency separately. In this paper, the characteristics of four VF control strategies which are: open loop VF control; VF control scheme with(More)
As a typical information-centric networking architecture, Named Data Networking (NDN) has attracted wide research attentions in recent years. Since NDN transport has new features of multi-source and multi-path, the implicit congestion detection mechanism of the traditional TCP protocol based on a single source and a single path is no longer suitable for(More)
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