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Direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) is potentially an effective form of syntrophy in methanogenic communities, but little is known about the diversity of methanogens capable of DIET. The ability of Methanosarcina barkeri to participate in DIET was evaluated in coculture with Geobacter metallireducens. Cocultures formed aggregates that shared(More)
Graphene monolayer has been grown by chemical vapor deposition on copper and then suspended over a hole. By measuring the laser heating and monitoring the Raman G peak, we obtain room-temperature thermal conductivity and interface conductance of (370 + 650/-320) W/m K and (28 + 16/-9.2) MW/m(2) K for the supported graphene. The thermal conductivity of the(More)
The fidelity of many inertial Body Sensor Network (BSN) applications depends on accurate spatio-temporal information retrieved from body-worn devices. However, there are many challenges caused by inherent sensor errors in inertial BSNs and the uncertainty of dynamic human motion in various situations, such as integration drift and mounting error. Spatial(More)
This study investigated the possibility that the electrical conductivity of carbon cloth accelerates direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) in co-cultures. Carbon cloth accelerated metabolism of DIET co-cultures (Geobacter metallireducens-Geobacter sulfurreducens and G.metallireducens-Methanosarcina barkeri) but did not promote metabolism of(More)
By combining the microbial electrolysis cell and the microbial desalination cell, the microbial electrolysis desalination cell (MEDC) becomes a novel device to desalinate salty water. However, several factors, such as sharp pH decrease and Cl(-) accumulation in the anode chamber, limit the MEDC development. In this study, a microbial electrolysis(More)
Catalase is an iron porphyrin enzyme, which serves as an efficient scavenger of reactive oxygen species (ROS) to avoid oxidative damage. In sugarcane, the enzymatic activity of catalase in a variety (Yacheng05-179) resistant to the smut pathogen Sporisorium scitamineum was always higher than that of the susceptible variety (Liucheng03-182), suggesting that(More)
The detection of communities in large social networks is receiving increasing attention in a variety of research areas. Most existing community detection approaches focus on the topology of social connections (e.g., coauthor, citation, and social conversation) without considering their topic and dynamic features. In this paper, we propose two models to(More)
The P2P system is an anonymous and dynamic system, which offers enormous opportunities, and also presents potential threats and risks. In order to restrain malicious behaviors in P2P system, previous studies try to establish efficient trust models on P2P system. However, most of the trust models use a single trust metric, which can not reflect the practical(More)
Much more attention has been attracted in WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) recently. The problems of low energy consumption and high security of WSN are required to solve. In this paper, we propose a security mechanism based on LEACH routing protocol against Sybil attack. The mechanism is set to start up Sybil attack detection policy based on RSSI (Received(More)