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BACKGROUND In experimental models of human and mouse malaria, sterilizing liver stage immunity that blocks progression of Plasmodium infection to the symptomatic blood stage can be readily demonstrated. However, it remains unclear whether individuals in malaria-endemic areas acquire such immunity. METHODS In Mali, 251 healthy children and adults aged 4-25(More)
With the development of the mobile communication technology and P2P, a combination of mobile computing and P2P, MP2P, has revealed its attractions. Compared to traditional P2P, characteristics of MP2P include unreliable connection, limited bandwidth and constrains of mobile devices. Although there have existed some classic lookup protocols for traditional(More)
Non-functional requirements (NFRs) are often regarded as the key success factor in building high quality software. However, most of the requirements elicitation methods are centered on discovering functional requirements only. This paper presents a novel NFRs elicitation approach aiming at empowering requirements analysts with a knowledge repository that(More)
Resources in a grid are dynamic, heterogeneous, and widely distributed. End users need a simple and efficient way to aggregate and utilize these diverse resources. We introduce a grid middleware called G-JavaMPI, which combines a high-level message passing interface with the Java language to support portable messaging-passing programming in a grid.(More)
Consider a question and its answers in Stack Overflow as a knowledge unit. Knowledge units often contain semantically relevant knowledge, and thus linkable for different purposes, such as duplicate questions, directly linkable for problem solving, indirectly linkable for related information. Recognizing different classes of linkable knowledge would support(More)
The load balance optimization is an important research topic in a replication system, which will affect the performance a lot. Especially in a capacity restricted system, the load balance will be adversely affected by the strategy to replicate the object. In this paper, an algorithm which will calculate the different replication degree based on the(More)
Chemokines play a key role in the regulation of central nervous system disease. CXCL10 over-expression has been observed in several neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and HIV-associated dementia. More recent studies by others and us have shown that CXCL10 elicits apoptosis in fetal neurons. The mechanism of(More)
Epidemiological observations in malaria endemic areas have long suggested a deficiency in the generation and maintenance of B cell memory to Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) in individuals chronically reinfected with the parasite. Recently, a functionally and phenotypically distinct population of FCRL4(+) hyporesponsive memory B cells (MBCs) was reported to be(More)
Immunity to Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) malaria is only acquired after years of repeated infections and wanes rapidly without ongoing parasite exposure. Antibodies are central to malaria immunity, yet little is known about the B-cell biology that underlies the inefficient acquisition of Pf-specific humoral immunity. This year-long prospective study in Mali(More)
Access efficiency and energy conservation are two critical performance concerns in a wireless data broadcast system. We propose in this paper a novel parameterized index called the exponential index that has a linear yet distributed structure for wireless data broadcast. Based on two tuning knobs, index base and chunk size, the exponential index can be(More)